SOLD $600 Sire V7 2nd Gen 5 String Jazz Bass 8 lb 13 oz Swamp Ash Maple Gotoh Res-O-Lite

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    Near new. Low playing hours. I can’t find any playing marks. I’ve kept in its bag, for the most part.

    The 2nd Gen is an improvement in playability and feel. The electronics upgrades are fantastic! Stock tuners were replaced with Gotoh GB-350’s. Original headstock bushings were utilized, for perfect fit, no slop or movement. Far and away an improvement in performance and weight reduction. Bass is 8 lbs 13 oz as you see it.

    Comes with a brand new Road Runner gig bag. Currently strung with the stock stainless strings. They sound great! I have the action se very low, with no buzzing. QC @ Sire was spot on for this one!

    I have a 7 pound headless that gets all my play time.

    $600 local pickup or plus shipping cost to your location. You can calculate cost to you, using these specs:
    • Box: 52 X 18 X 8
    • 18 lbs (dont forget insurance!)
    • From zip code 77381

    Specs from site: Sire Marcus Miller V7 2nd Generation | Ash

    Being the flagship Sire bass model, V7 is innovatively set to produce Marcus Miller's signature sound. It is equipped with versatile and concise hardware and electronics suited for all playing styles and techniques.Built using durable materials for body and neck bearing rolled fretbard edges, this model can be your go-to bass.

    - Equipped with advanced pickups with a full set of EQ controls, the V7 is a machine that can deliver a clean and deep tonal palette for more personalized tones.
    - Complementing wood materials for body- Ash and Alder and neck- hard maple with rolled fretboard edges make the standard SIRE J bass long playing-ready.

    v7_body.png BODY

    Body Material: North American Alder / Swamp Ash
    Body Shape: New Marcus Miller Jazz Type
    Body Color: Alder Body – TS, AWH, BK, BMR, BUR, LPB | Ash Body – NT, TS, WB, BMR, SG, LPB

    v7_neck.png NECK

    Neck Material: Hard Maple (Satin Finish)
    Neck Shape: C-Shape
    Scale: 34"
    Neck Joint: Four Bolt Steel Square Plate
    Fingerboard(Rolled Edges): Ebony (Alder Body) / Hard Maple(Swamp Ash Body)
    Fingerboard Radius: 9.5"
    Frets: 2.4 medium
    String Nut: 4 String – Natural Bone 38mm width / 5 String – Natural Bone 46mm width
    Binding: 1 Ply Ivory
    Inlay: White Pearloid Block

    v7_electronics.png ELECTRONICS

    Pickups: Marcus Super-J Revolution Set
    Preamp: Marcus Heritage-3 with Middle Frequency Control
    Controls: Volume / Tone(Dual Pot) | Pickup Blender | Treble | Middle / Middle Frequency (Dual Pot) | Bass, Mini Toggle(Active / Passive)

    v7_hardware.png HARDWARE

    Knobs: Plastic Jazz Type in Black
    Bridge: Marcus Miller Modern - S
    Tuning Gear: Premium Open-Gear
    Hardware Finish: Chrome
    Pick guard: Tortoise(Alder) / Ivory Pearl(Swamp Ash)

    D59F979D-C762-4024-A393-63FB04C2E4B1.jpeg 08D6AC8D-2E44-4C86-8958-BA575807BE91.jpeg FB244A5F-A09C-4FDE-95B8-6DC884F523FF.jpeg F02D1917-E215-456F-9B90-DA94600005F6.jpeg 86F7AA20-C70F-4389-9F42-9CBEAB4D1FD1.jpeg ABD1EC18-B2A5-4E1C-8C8B-6DDD834D84AF.jpeg 2ACEAFCF-59EE-43A3-8DCB-CD2AC55730F4.jpeg F010B5AF-FBA5-46DF-8C09-65BD00B847CB.jpeg 10B30775-37CD-42A0-B8C6-934DF3E81FBE.jpeg 4E59E939-BF51-40DD-A0D0-0D9BFCA3D26E.jpeg 16DB1AF8-43E2-4BE7-BD3F-C09464F51A74.jpeg 4608DC38-291C-41AE-BBC5-4F849705859D.jpeg 81E3AC2E-917B-458F-8920-0A72FB609E99.jpeg FC71C94E-528E-4921-BFA2-9B84737C97BE.jpeg
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    Super tempting...
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    Go for it, my friend!
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    Dec 19, 2006
    Is it true that the goto tuners are the lightest out there?
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    Yes, indeed…I was skeptical: 20 year Hipshot UltraLite user here…very shocking how light and reliable these are…
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