60's Gibson EBO

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    I've got a mid-60's cherry Gibson EBO (single pickup SG style short scale) I've had since high school - not in perfect condition, but very good - it even still has the finger rest and chrome string cover with the original case. I've come to the realization that while it's a cool bass, I'm probably not going to be playing it. Just too much bottom end mud for what I've been playing. So I'm thinking about selling it for something I would use like a Sadowsky or Lakland.


    1 - The neck does need a re-set. Should I have this done in advance or leave it for the future owner to have done to his specs by a luthier of his choice?

    2 - What's a decent asking price for a vintage bass like this one? I know if it was a Fender it would be worth a ton more, but I really don't have any idea of it's worth.

    It is signed on the front by Jack Bruce and on the back by the late Allan Woody. Authentic sigs because I "procured" them myself. Maybe with all the Cream Reunion hoopla might go for a bit more?