SOLD 60's harmony banjo

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    Nov 29, 2007
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    I have to make some space at home, so I'm selling my 60's bakeolite 5 string resonator banjo. I have replaced the bridge, installed a calf skin head, and replaced the tuners. Original tuners we're tension based, which were terrible at keeping a tune. The 5th string had to be moved back a bit (see photos) because the new tuner would not fit appropriately. There are three railroad spikes installed to help with capo use.

    This banjo may not look pretty, but it has a fantastic mellow sound even with the resonator attached. Clawhammer tone is wonderful, and finger picking is darker in tone than a piecing Gibson sound. It's more bela fleck than Scruggs.

    Open to mainly bass related trades, especially pedals. Lemme know what you have!

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