SOLD 62’ Jazz controls

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  1. Price:
    Slightly used, works perfectly. Made of top quality parts.

    Mounted on Fender worn control plate, Fender concentric potentiometers 250k/500k, US Switchcraft jack, military specs K40Y-9 capacitors for tone control (0.047uF Neck, 0.033uF Bridge), AllParts Fender specs knobs with Fender detent plates underneath.

    I can solder some lead wires to pickups and bridge for free.

    Price includes shipping

    55D6AC1A-27F6-477A-84C6-B46E067F41C0.jpeg D082F9AB-19E7-4B1C-818C-D6015BE2F350.jpeg 1F650452-124B-4FF2-A575-43AF1845D042.jpeg 4AA6A9C6-FB4D-4380-B38D-968AA59EE89C.jpeg

    This 62’ JB harness controls tone and volume of each pickup (top knobs volume, bottom knobs tone). In fact, the controls interact with each other creating uniqe sound combinations.
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  2. It would be cool to sell it for 62 but let’s leave it at $55