62 Fender re-issue jazz

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  1. The Bass is definetly what Fender sells as a 62 . It has the stack knob or coencentric format for volume and tone controls. The Inca silvewre color and Ice blue metalic were featured in the brochure and also on Fender web site. The neck indeed had the tinted yellowed laquer Maple neck with slabboard rosewood fret board but more of a thinner slab then my original 63 jazz( that has realy become more valuable to me both musicaly and emotionaly after this recent experience). If this situation is not resolved soon and I do happen to get my money refunded .........well bye bye Fender dealers and Hello E-Bay!!!!!!!!! At least I wouldn't feel so bad doing repair on a used instrument!!!!!

    I hope that Fender checks this web site occasionaly.:p
  2. Please see previos post as this post was meant to be a reply. Thank you.
  3. Fender in their infinite wisdom have chosen to label this bass incorrectly. I have one, and I know for a fact it should really be called a '60 reissue, not '62. When Leo designed and produced the first prototype Jazz in '59, it had a three knob control plate, and pickups with one pole piece per string. When it went into production in '60, the concentric knobs and two pole piece pickups were used. In '61, he reverted to the three knob plate, which survives until this day. Photographic evidence of all this is documented in Klaus ...quist's book (I've forgotten his name. It beats me why Fender have labelled it wrong, and why they persist in doing so.
    BTW, it's an excellent bass, well mine is anyway. I compared it side by side with an L series today, and it sounded as sweet, and felt better!