62 pbass pickup, good idea?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by thelastofus, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. thelastofus

    thelastofus Guest

    Jul 3, 2002
    Bakersfield, Ca
    I have a stock mia pbass and i was wondering if replacing the pup with a fender 62pbass pup would be a good idea? im looking for a warmer growlier sound. any comments on this pickup?
  2. Darth_Linux


    Oct 12, 2002
    Spokane, WA
    I've not A-B ed the current P pickup and the Original 60's one, but I have installed an Original 60's in a 97 P-Bass California Special and it sounds real nice a warm, very old school.

    It's a good PUP if that is what you want . . .