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'62 Precision Capacitor Wiring

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by ponticat, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. In the wiring diagram below, how is the capacitor soldered to the volume pot? Does the lead feed through the volume pot lug and then get soldered to the face of the pot? Would I just solder the lead to the face of the pot? What's going on here?


    Also: My Stew-Mac wiring kit has a .05 cap. The diagram above calls out a .1 cap. What difference does the value of the cap make? I'm far more concerned about bass than treble.
  2. I would buy the relevant cap (your local electrical store should have one) and wire it like the diagram says. If it doesn't work, wire it like you'd expect to.
  3. That lug (upper pot) is either bent back and soldered to the case or the lead passes through and is soldered to both the lug and case.
    I’ve seen basses with every thing from .01 uf to .1 uf caps.
    The cap rolls off the high end, the .1 uf will roll off more than a .045 uf

    I found with dark pickups a .1uf tends to get muddy when the tone is rolled all the way back. and with bright pickups the top end can get shrill or doinky with a .02 or smaller.

    Get a couple of more caps, a .02 uf and a .1 uf and experiment. And use the one that gives you the most useful range.


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