62 Re-issue Jazz Bass

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  1. Story goes like this: I purchased by special order a brand new Fender 62 reissue Jazz bass cash up front.Fender dealer. The Bass came in in short order. The bass had terribly high action and the store tech (authorized Fender repair person) said the neck couldn't be set up properly so he arranged with Fender to send out a new neck all of this under full warranty. It has taken a month, the neck was replaced and I picked up the bass.
    I had made arrangments with the tech to go ahead and do a nut dressing on the new neck when he assembled the bass and he agreed at an additional 15 dollar charge. I got the bass home and shortly realized that ther was no string retainer on the headstock (for the D and G strings)!!!!!!#***!!!!*&%@#@!!!!! What is the point of a nut detail if the guy puts strings on aFENDER BASS and completely ignores the string retainer....... it is part of the usual string routine on ANY FENDER BASS AND ALMOST ALL FENDER GUITARS>>>>.....!!!!!

    Also I specificaly did not check the instrument prior to the tech taking it for neck replacement, but isn't there supposed to be a rubber shim under the neck plate ?????? Now my brand new bass has a marred finish under the neck plate because there isn't one there . All of my other older Fender basses have one. Is this something Fender has changed or did the tech have arough night before!!!!!!!!

    I was so upset that I asked for a full refund. The assistant-assistant manager who was working this Sunday said that I have no right to a refund because it was a special order and that I would have to argue the matter on Tuesday with the general manager.

    Questions: Where does Fender as a company stand with this?
    Should this bass have the neck plate rubber or not????? Thanks for any replys answers or whatever anyone else has experienced......:mad:
  2. From the experiences of my friends, the best way to find out where Fender stands on the issue is to contact them by phone. Sending an email to them is like sending an email to Mr. T(not that I've tried, mind you....), but you can usually get in touch with somebody if you call them. I'm not sure why you can't get a full refund on a special order--this clause has always puzzled me, but I hope it works out.
  3. Does anyone know if the rubber neck shim belongs under the neck plate in this instrument as it is a " re-issue" did the original 62 not have one????
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    Mar 17, 2000
    Rubber neck plate shims in the 70's and a bit into the eighties. It wouldn't be correct for a 62.
  5. thanks for the info on the rubber neck plate shim. Now I won't jump up and down about this one.