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SOLD $650 Fender Jazz Bass Guitar MIM Fretless Bartolini + Pre-Amp Hipshot Tuners 1997 W/HSC

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by allcanbforgiven, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. allcanbforgiven

    allcanbforgiven The Lord's Neck Shop

    Oct 20, 2015
    Blacklick, Ohio
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    About this Bass:
    This is an AWESOME and very clean fretless conversion bass, hardly played, and well taken care of musical instrument.
    1997 Fender Jazz Bass Modified. Everything has been blacked out on the front except for the headstock, the maple face the headstock reminds you that this guitar is genuinely wood!
    Neck: The neck has had the rosewood fretboard removed and a new Macassar Ebony fingerboard professionally put on with a highly polished bone nut and new side dots. There are NO LINES. The dot intonation markers are right where the marked frets used to be so your fingers go right on the dots for 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, etc. The original machine heads were replaced with Hipshot model HB6C Black direct replacement tuners and no additional holes were drilled. The entire neck except for the front headstock has a natural lemon oil, polished finish.
    The stock pickups have been replaced with Bartolini 9J-L1 and 9J-L4 Jazz pick-ups. A 9VDC Bartolini Model NTBT-918 2 Band EQ - Pre-amp was added. So this bass pumps out the bottom end!
    A 3-ply, gloss black pick guard was added in lieu of the stock white one, the new 3-ply pick guard had a white stripe on the edge but it was covered with a black sharpie marker. The stock bridge was replaced with a black high mass type.
    See the after market knobs and Bartolini stacked EQ knob.

    The bass has very low fretless action so you barely have to press on the strings. The bass also has great note sustain. The bass weighs 8.8 pounds.

    NOTE: I am selling this item locally and on other websites so this item may be cancelled at any time.

    I play bass in the worship team at church as a volunteer and have many basses so I'm always playing a different one and none of them get played very much, they are all very clean and hang on my wall when I'm not playing.

    Please ask any questions before you buy and I will do my best to answer as quickly as possible. I reached the maximum picture limit but will be glad to send you more specific pictures If you need me to.

    PAYMENT: I accept PayPal and Credit Cards with a Square. Please private message me with questions or to purchase. I have perfect 1.9K feedback on other site.

    SHIPPING: You can get a shipping estimate from my USA Zip Code for USPS, UPS, or Fed-X. The cardboard package size is approximately 52"x21"x9" and weighs approximately 30 pounds.
    Buyer pays shipping. I add no personal fees or handling costs for shipping, you pay what USPS charges per package size weight and buyer location. I will loosen the strings a little, secure the guitar inside the case, place the case inside a cardboard box and surrounded it with soft bubbly stuff and popcorn as required.

    The entire package will be fully insured for amount sold for.

    I can ship international but it is costly. Package weighs approximately 30 pounds and will ship from USA zip code 43004. International buyers can calculate shipping costs on UPS.com as USPS wont ship this size package internationally. Buyer pays for any and all duties taxes or import fees, seller is not responsible for any fees. Tracking to your door can only be provided with appropriate shipping fees paid by buyer. We add no personal fees or handling costs for shipping.

    Condition: “Excellent, Clean, Used Condition. very few scratches that the pictures do not show, none of the scratches got through to the the wood, a couple from belt buckle about 1 cm long on back. A few small ones and a couple tiny ones in the paint at the end of the bridge where the A string goes in, and a couple inches to the bass side of the bridge has a very thin scratch. Bass is 21 years old. There is some kind of plastic piece where the truss rod adjustment is that must have been put in during the fretless conversion process but it is in good shape. The Fingerboard is awesome smooth and shiny, the Hipshot tuners are like new, the bridge is a little cloudy color, the pick guard has some fine scratches around on it. The black paint is coming off two of the battery compartment screws and from the output jack. The hard shell case is a no name and is in generally good condition with no locks and black fur inside. The electronics work awesome and the truss-rod works perfect.”

    20180203_144605. 20180203_144637. 20180203_144721.
    20180203_145041. 20180203_160953. 20180203_170335. 20180129_153339. 20180129_153346. 20180203_130349.

    Thank you for Looking!
    All who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved!

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  2. That’s a beauty! I like that the neck and headstock are still natural maple, a nice contrast to the none more black look.
  3. allcanbforgiven

    allcanbforgiven The Lord's Neck Shop

    Oct 20, 2015
    Blacklick, Ohio
    Thank you TN Woodman!

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