$6500??? - Ibanez SR2021 Prestige Limited Electric Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Clark W, Jan 30, 2021.

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  1. Nuage420

    Nuage420 Supporting Member

    Dec 7, 2014
  2. EddiePlaysBass


    Feb 26, 2009
    So did anyone buy one of these yet?

    This thread has got me GASsing for another Ibanez (I suddenly miss my BTB405QM), so job well done, marketing peeps at Ibby!!
  3. ajkula66


    Sep 23, 2016
    This. Times a zillion. I remember shaking my head in disbelief when these first came out. With that being said, I almost bought one - a V8 4.2 - a few months ago.

    I would venture a guess that anyone who decides to buy this Ibanez and then chooses to "pass it on" would end up feeling the same way. ROI on it - unless played and thoroughly enjoyed - is likely to be tragic.

    My pet peeve - presuming that I read it correctly - a $6.5K bass with *one* year of warranty ? Seriously ? Even if liked the instrument - not my cup of tea but to each their own - that alone would mean a very hard pass.
  4. Ibanez' best axes MIJ (which can indeed be sensational) by their best crews can get pricey. Check the MSRP on a Gerald Veasley six. While not out of line for this sort of thing, nobody expects that kind of coin for an Ibanez. Probably built in very small numbers, but nonetheless, for that kind of money, you WILL be buried in it, one more axe (on a long list) for the 'More Money Than Brains' Club.
  5. Templar

    Templar Supporting Member

    To each their own. But for me, if I'm spending grandiose sums of $$ on a consumer good I need to have an enormous bang/buck ratio to even consider it.

    With bass guitars that means buying used, first of all. At $6500 I'd be looking at used Ritters and upscale Alembics, where the differences in craftsmanship, materials, and design are so obvious that they can't be ignored. There's extra value in that.

    I'd also want the pride of ownership (call it snob appeal if you must) that comes along with those marques, and has throughout their entire existence. There's extra value there, too.

    More money?...show me more value. Way more money?...show me way more value. I haven't seen an Ibanez that competes at that level. They're very good at what they do, which is offer good basses at reasonable prices. That $6500 bass ain't that. Looks like one of their better production basses with a novel, resin-filled finish. Is that novelty finish worth thousands more?
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  6. My SR405EQM Surreal Blue Burst arrived 2 days ago. I am BLOWN away. The bass has exceeded my expectations in every category. And it is freaking gorgeous! mic-2.jpg mic-1.jpg
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  7. grooveguru


    Sep 14, 2000
    Central PA
    Prestige Worldwide!
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  8. 21DaHoagie12


    Feb 21, 2019
    New Jersey
    I remember sitting down to play a 6 string version of that at my local music store and being really surprised at how good it sounded. I legit liked it better than the pricier basses that had bartolini mk1s in them. And that finish is really really nice, amazing to get that for such a reasonable price.
  9. Relayer71

    Relayer71 Supporting Member

    Jun 25, 2009
    I picked up 7 of them. One for gigs, one to hang up in my den next to the deer's head, one for the yacht, the other four for the guest rooms in my mansion (the other rooms have Foderas and Alembics).
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  10. hypercarrots


    Jan 28, 2009
    the 2009 MC30TH 30th anniversary musician bass listed for over $10000.
    it came with a fancy flight case, fancy inlays, fancy certificate. only 15 made.

    Ibanez Musician Bass 30th Anniversary!
  11. hypercarrots


    Jan 28, 2009
    you’d think they’d recreate the fancy truss rod cover while they’re at it!
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  12. MordBass


    Nov 1, 2017
    That looks like the price was very well rationalized. Exclusivity, heritage, performance, craftsmanship, aesthetic.
  13. That's hideously tacky, but at least they tried with those fancy inlays and wood pup covers. The JCS2021 has plastic electronics covers, just like my $200 Yamaha BB300. A $6500 bass can't just be well-built, it has to be special. It has to have an x-factor that makes people stop in their tracks and notice it. You could show up to a gig with the JCS and nobody would pay any attention to it.
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  14. hypercarrots


    Jan 28, 2009
    no different from any other gig where the bass player is ignored:laugh:
  15. Frank Vozak

    Frank Vozak Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2020
    Oak Park, IL
    No commercial affiliation
    I do appreciate that Ibanez uses their brand name on all their basses from $199 to $6500. I wish a few other major brands would do the same
  16. ajkula66


    Sep 23, 2016
    Well, if you're going to play in the Alembic price range, make sure that the bass has comparable (gaudy and kitsch IMO) appointments...:D
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  17. Eddie LeBlanc

    Eddie LeBlanc

    Oct 26, 2014
    Beaumont, Texas
    Don't create no problem, won't be no problem.
    Spector does also.
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  18. hypercarrots


    Jan 28, 2009
    yamaha does also
    ibanez didn’t always. there was cimar and some other brands i can’t remember right now.
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  19. I agree totally. I too think the Ibanez pick ups sound better than the Bartolini MK1s. I did a side by side test in a guitar center. I'm sure there are people who swear by the Bartolini pups, but they just didn't do it for me.

    I don't have $6500 to drop on a bass, but after a few days with my latest toy I may have to revise my vote. As others on this thread have said, when Ibanez sets their mind to it they can build a bass guitar of comparable quality to any on the market. Just because they offer really great bass guitars at reasonable prices, doesn't mean I wouldn't consider them if I were in the high end market. Quite the contrary, after experiencing the quality Ibanez puts in a $500 bass I would think their top line offering might be formidable to the competition.

    I have never bought a bass I didn't intend to play forever. If you are a collector / trader then I can see how the Ibanez lower price models might deter you from paying so much for one. But now my interest is peaked. I hope I can try one out one day to see what I have been missing!
  20. Dan B

    Dan B

    Oct 19, 2008
    Amherst, MA
    If this is one of those guitars that's actually being built by Sugi rather than Ibanez themselves I can kinda make sense of the price. Sugis typically go for around that much, especially the higher optioned models, and this particular Soundgear would fit right in with their pricing. That being said, I'd probably go for an actual Sugi for that sort of money.
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