7 Guitar Stand, and 2 Guitars.

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  1. Well my Ipod made me fall in the pool. Thats what I like to tell myself. So now I am funding for a new Pod. If anyone has one lying around that they would like to trade, that would be great. Everything I own is going for sale.

    1. Fender DG-11 Acoustic Guitar. Great sounding acoustic guitar. No cosmetic issues except a minor ding on the front. Everything looks and sounds great. 130$ + Shipping

    2. Squire Bullet Electric Guitar-Once again very well taken care of no cosmetic issues. 60$ + Shipping.

    3. Rockstand by Warwick 7-Guitar Folding Stand- Great condition. Comes in original box. Not only for guitars. I fit my ABG's, basses, acoustic guitars, guitars all on this bad boy. 50$ Shipped. SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Please, no trade offers unless it is for an Ipod. Thanks Mark
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  3. Note a change of address please, send to address in message body.


  4. The stand is now sold. The two guitars are still available.