7 stringers - what gauges do you use

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  1. Hi

    I am trying out various gauges of strings on my Fretless 7 stringer and was wondering what gauge other multi string players use.

    I use roundwounds and I am after a smooth even tone across all strings. I do not do much soloing at the moment but this is starting to increase as I get more confident. I play blues, Jazz as well as playing in a worship band at church. I do not play any rock or metal with this bass.

    My current string gauges are :-

    128, [E] 100, [A] 80, [D] 60, [G] 40, [C] 28, [F] 20.

    I have also tried a [C] 35. and [F] 28 but I found that these felt slightly too large, not feeling quite right when going from string to string as the gauges were a little to close together. The [C] 28 and [F] 20 I currently use, feel more balanced when playing but the [F] 20 in particular can be a little harsh if I dig in too much.

    I would point out I have both magnetic pickups and bridge piezo's which is an extra challenge for tone.

    Any help on what gauges do you use and why would be very gratefully received.


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    Aug 16, 2000
    I use a custom set of GHS Progressives for both my 35" and 34" scale instruments:

    PRB 126/125
    PRB 106/105
    PRB 85
    PRB 65
    PRB 45
    PRB 30
    PRB 20

    The Slightly heavier 126 and 106 strings are for the 35" scale, the rest fit both.

    The "B" and "E" are tapered. Progressives are nicely bright like ss but warm like nickel. Roundwound, of course. They also last a good while. Silks are a dark maroon. Works for me.

    I've also had good luck on certain 7's with Ken Smith Custom Balance Stainless Steel Tapercore strings (the Melvin Davis set). Bright and flexible but the high F is unwound.

    Good luck.
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