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SOLD 70's Epiphone 5120

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by davidjbass, May 7, 2010.

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  1. I am selling this bass for my keyboard player. I really don't know much about it. But I played it the other night at band practice and it sounded pretty cool.

    He is looking to $250.00 or best offer. Here is the link.

  2. MaddAnthony_59

    MaddAnthony_59 Supporting Member

    Dec 16, 2006
    Columbus, IN
    I Channel Surf During Commercials. (Drives my Wife CRAZY!!!)
    Matsumoku Factory Bump!
  3. the art guy

    the art guy Supporting Member

    Jun 19, 2008
    So questions should be emailed to him through the ad you linked?
  4. tcald2004

    tcald2004 Supporting Member

    Dec 2, 2008
    tupelo, mississippi
  5. Is he interested in beatle icon b-bass perchance? I am looking for an open semi-hollow bass like this Epiphone. She's a beaut'.
  6. I sent a PM and am still interested. I may have found a buyer for the hofner, and am curious if any offers have been made. PM or email me :)
  7. Bass has been sold.

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