SOLD 70s Guild Humbuckers

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    Up for sale is a pair of early 70s Guild humbuckers. I was going to use these in a project bass but that never happened.
    These were used in 70s Starfires, JetStars, M85s.

    They read 33.8k and 34.2k ohms on my multimeter,

    3" long, 1 7/8" wide and 7/8" deep. 5/8" pole to pole.

    No mounting rings.

    150.00 shipped in CONUS, paypal ok.

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  2. hangman

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  3. PM'd :)
  4. hangman

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    pm, replied, still available.
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    I'll take these if they're still around
  6. hangman

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    Ok, they are yours,
    sold pending payment