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74 ampeg v4b cab?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by jacobm, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. jacobm


    May 31, 2002
    The other day i played a an old ragedy cab that sounded much better than it looked. The salesman told me that it had two 15's that fire bacwards and the sound comes out to ports, one at the top and one on bottom. Now what confused me is that i thought it said v4b near the ampeg logo, can any one confirm that there really was a v4b cab, i know they used those numbers on some heads, also if you could tell me some about the cab, thanks.
  2. I can tell you that it was originally equipped with two 15" Altec 421A speakers at 4 ohms.

    I've seen it described as "Dual driver double folded horn".

    240 watts RMS power handling. Weighs 157 approx.

    List price in 1974 was $775.
  3. jacobm


    May 31, 2002
    i really loved that cab, and it only cost 329.00, it was in prety bad shape though, i played it through a mesa 400+ and was amazed. This set up had as much punch as most 4x10 cabs. now i am a folded horn believer

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