SOLD $750 shipped 2003 Fender American Series Jazz Bass w/ S1 (series parallel) switching original case

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  1. Price:
    2003 Fender American Series Jazz Bass in great shape with Original Fender Hard Case
    This bass has the Factory S1 switch for series/parallel switching.
    This is a great option for thickening up your jazz bass sound without mods!
    Everything is original (except pickguard) and everything works great
    Fresh setup with new D'addario strings
    Really clean and well taken care of
    Neck is super stable & straight
    Truss rod works great and is smooth
    Frets are in near new shape.
    The bass has been played for 14 years so it has a couple tiny dings in the clear but nothing I could get to show up in pictures. There are screw holes under the pickguard where the previous owner added a tugbar and pickup cover. I will include the pickup cover if you want to put it back on. The new 4 ply tortoise shell pickguard on it does not have the extra holes.
    Includes original Fender Hard Case in well used but functional condition
    9.5 lbs

    $750 Paypal shipped Fedex lower 48 US

    IMG_5557.JPG IMG_5556.JPG IMG_5543.JPG IMG_5545.JPG IMG_5546.JPG IMG_5547.JPG IMG_5548.JPG
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  2. Guys this is a good one
    Don't miss out on a great deal
  3. I added a brand new 4 ply tort pickguard.
  4. How is this still here? Wow, great price, great USA made bass. I'd snatch it up if I didn't already have one in the Trans Orange finish. That S1 switching has a profound effect, series/parallel basically takes you from Jazz to something more like a P tone. Two basses in one!

  5. Thanks
    I'm sitting here playing it right now wondering the same :)
  6. bluesblaster


    Jan 2, 2008
    I dig mine
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