8 Animals That Are Eaten Alive Around the World

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    I didn't see any of those available last time I went down to the Olive Garden.
  2. The octopus tentacles aren't exactly alive and bar the parasites, that fruit bat soup isn't really any different from Lobster, which is also typically boiled alive.

    Yogurts are generally fairly lively, yet we eat those happily enough ;)
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    I been everywhere, man...
    None. At all.
    I'm hungry now !!
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    Denmark, Italy, and Chile are not in Asia.
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    I didn't say they were........
  6. I see oyster missing from that list. That's one I've eaten more than a few times still alive, on the beach with an oyster shell in one hand and a shucking knife in the other.

    Some of these things aren't really alive either. Not anymore than a recently executed death row inmate.
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    Every one of those was absolutely disgusting.

    I had a prof back in college tell me, "You can't judge another person's culture based upon your own." For decades I've stuck by that, but I feel confident in judging someone to be a sicko for eating still-alive creatures as part of their diet. (Except maybe the ants).
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    No matter how you eat animals, they must die. It's only a matter of how. It could be argued that the cows that go into your hamburgers don't suffer much less, if at all, than if they could somehow be plucked from the pasture and chewed to death. ;)

    And I agree that they forgot about oysters.
  9. Tony Flow MMMM

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    Dec 4, 2012

    Seriously.... Judging someone else on how they eat something is stupid. Animal has to die? Well then in my opinion I don't care how they die, there not going to remember it.
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    That only comes off as slightly racist.

    You can act like slaughter houses especially in the wake of corporate restaurant chains are not barbaric if you want, but those animals live in absolutely horrendous conditions. Fast food restaurant demands have warped entire races of animals so they could better suit corporate production ideals.
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    This might be the best thing I have ever read.
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    Impressive, even by TBOT standards.
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    It definitely has a "zen" quality to it.

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    What's a teenburger anyway? Sounds sexy.
  15. Guilty as charged. I ate termites live out of the nest in the jungles of Belize. They were quite good actually, slightly woody and minty with a nice crunch. Other than that, my meat is dead AFAIK.
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    What's the difference how it gets slaughtered? Is an abattoir any more humane then human teeth at the slaughter?
  17. Teenburger is classic A&W goodness. Mama Burger, Papa burger, etc. Everything but a Pet burger.
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    Ah. We've never had A&Ws around here.
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    If you are on a sinking boat in hungry shark-infested waters, would you rather go in to the water feeling that anticipation, that terror, as you are bitten and chewed? Alive, awake and aware of the painful death you are about to endure? Or would you rather be unconscious and know nothing about it?

    Both have the same end-game, but don't try and tell me that there is no difference in those last few minutes.