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8 drivers: One new 3015, Pair new 15PR400, One EV15B

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by kurosawa, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. This is all about monumentally bad planning on my part. With three 100w tube heads, only one of which will work with 8Ω, what I really need is one 4Ω 15PR400. If one of you feels so charitable as to swap me a new one of these straight across for a new 8Ω 3015 or 8Ω 15PR400, please let me know ASAP. Your offer will trump any cash offer. Anyway:

    *** GONE! 1 SOLD & 1 SWAPPED. *** (1) I bought a pair of 8Ω Faital Pro 15PR400s hoping to wedge a 215 into my Cobalt trunk. After measuring, re-measuring, and re-re-measuring, it looks like I let wishful thinking get the best of me on this one. I could take the 20% restocking hit, yeah. That would get me a $368 refund. And I thought, why not offer it to a TBer first? They're still in their individual cartons that are inside the shipping carton. Free CONUS shipping, of course, because I'd have to pay shipping to return them, anyway. Limited time, then I'll send 'em back. This is a one-time good deal. I e-mailed them just now about return arrangements. Or I guess I could eBay 'em for $400. First PM, Paypal only.

    *** SOLD! *** (2) Before that, I bought one 8Ω Eminence Kappalite 3015 (the full-range one, NOT the LF). I actually did open the box just to heft it, but never even attached leads. The lowest these are going for on eBay new today is $258.99. Whoa, Amazon has a few for $209.99 shipped free! Holy cow. I paid way more. Guess I'd better let it go for $180 shipped to CONUS. If no one wants it here, I'll eBay it for $200. First PM, Paypal only.

    *** SOLD! *** (3) LASTLY, we have here this trusty, dusty old school 8Ω OEM EVM15B, all 21 lb. of it. So here ya go for $65 shipped to CONUS (if you figured out that half that amount is for shipping, yeah). First PM, Paypal only.

    Of course, on deals 1 or 2, there will be a little lag on getting back to you to see if someone offers a straight-across swap.
  2. pharaohamps

    pharaohamps Commercial User

    May 30, 2006
    Garner, NC
    Owner, Disaster Area Designs / Alexander Pedals
    PM on the EV.
  3. Thanks, waiting for rain to stop to ship.
  4. Primakurtz

    Primakurtz Registered Nihilist Supporting Member

    Nov 23, 2011
    Denver, Colorado
    PMd - got yer 4 ohm Faital, want both the 8 ohm'ers.
  5. Thanks Matthew, Chris and Kurt. FedEx Ground tracking numbers PM'd.

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