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8 inch driver suggestions for cab project

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by TheCreature, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. TheCreature


    May 22, 2002
    Dallas, TX
    I was cleaning out the garage and found an old wooden rack I bought years ago. It's massive, sturdy and made with thick plywood. It's too heavy to be practical as a rack and, as I was adding it to the trash, it occured to me it would make a nice cab with the addition of a front baffle and a back. The interior dimensions are 9x19.5x16 inches - that's 1.63 ft3. (2) 8 " speakers would fit in the front no problem. What drivers should I use when:

    I'd like response to 40 hZ.
    I play 4 string only.
    Maybe as a sub to put under my Ashdown C110?

    If I do a sub, do all the drivers have to point forward? I could do 2 in the front and 2 in the back...

    I've been digging through the Musicians Reference spreadsheet. Most of those are automotive or stereo speakers with foam surrounds. Are those appropriate?

    Anyway, what's a good driver candidate? Anybody?


  2. ThunderStik

    ThunderStik Guest

    Jun 25, 2001
    Claremore OK.
    You may look at the Cerwin Vega 124. Its an auto sub and in that cab would do nicely. I dont think there are too many other drivers that would make a good sub for a box that size. Well im sure there are but I just do know of them.
  3. BillyB_from_LZ

    BillyB_from_LZ Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2000
    You can look at car subs at www.crutchfield.com or semi-exotic home speaker stuff at www.madisound.com (check out the peerless woofers). There's always www.partsexpress.com and eBay.

    Most car subs are really inefficient...that's the trade off for going low and not needing a huge box.

    Foam surrounds aren't known for longevity, but I seem to recall that someone (GK?) used one in a combo amp.
  4. ESP-LTD


    Sep 9, 2001
    I have no proof but I'd assume that the rubber surrounds on auto subs would be tougher than the foam surrounds.

    I think Pyramid Super Blue's might bear looking at.
  5. what about the JBL 600 GTI ?
    in your cabinet, tuned at 37.39 hz it would be +-flat at tuning frequency.

    Sensitivity is worthless (90 db)
  6. TheCreature


    May 22, 2002
    Dallas, TX
    I found a Madison 8" for $14 each (!) 200W, 97 db, 50 oz magnet, goes down to 50 hZ - It's got to be worth a try.


    Also, there are some Cerwin Vega "In Wall" subs on ebay for $10 for a pair. 150W - I may try those also.

    Thanks to everyone who replied. What a great community!

  7. Foam, rubber and neoprene tend to get dry and deteriorate faster than paper (and cloth and treated) surrounds on most dirvers. this is exacerbated by the cheapness of the driver.

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