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8-string, 10-string, 12-string paired string technique

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by BassDudeSA, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Hi guys, I need a few tips. I've been playing bass for a hell of a long time, a "normal" bass that is. About six months ago I bought a Dean Edge 10-string. Great bass, sounds really cool, but I haven't really played it that much. I'd like to hear from some others out there that would consider themselves fairly advanced at playing these kinds of basses that might have a few tips for me. First off, although I am primarily a fingers player, I do occasionally use a pick, but always use a pick with this bass. It just sounds better and I can't really get my right hand fingers easily between the strings to play normal fingers style. I'm fine with that. But my problem is that with my left hand, not always but often when I hit a fret, the pairs come together touching each other against the fret. Other times when the strings are pressed down and the pairs are not touching each other, it sounds much better and more clear. Obviously when not touching each individual string can vibrate freely. So any tips on how to avoid bunching up the pairs when fretting? Perhaps lighter strings would help?

    Any other tips on how basses with paired strings should be played differently than a standard bass? Obviously the more practice the better (like with anything) but if any of you veterans out there can pass on a few tidbits of wisdom it would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Here is a audio clip of me playing a 15 string(tripled 5 string)fretless live,on this track I'm playing finger style,thumping,plucking,playing chords and in the solo section I'm tapping.If the music is not your cup of tea at least you can get an idea that you can approach an 8,12 or 15pretty much any way you choose.

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    Jan 28, 2005
    I play a 12 (triple 4). I just use very strong and deliberate movements with my left hand. My left hand technique is pretty accurate to begin with, so even moving to fretless was of little problem, and thus the 12-ver presented little challenge in terms of technique - but it does require added strength and diligence in articulation. It's a bit of a workout.

    I can actually play it fast enough to develop enough forearm pump to actually put me out of breath. I also find that I can play fingerstyle, picked, and even slapped...but again, I have played many other basses with both wide and narrow spacings, so I guess I adapt well.

    Just keep at it, and try to be as deliberate with your fingering as possible.

    Although not mixed too well in order to spotlight the 12, the title track from Michael E. Thomas' last record features me on 12-ver (I actually used it for 3 cuts total).


    Check out the cut "Wreckless Abandon". The 12-ver is most obvious on the octave glissandos.

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