8 string (dual course) strings.

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  1. This was posted earlier on the ERB sites...

    Piecing together a 8 string bass from warmoth parts, using 54 p bass body and standard 8 string neck, 34 " scale. maple on maple neck, basswood body, mm4.2 p-up (nordstrand)

    what options do I have for sets or is it easier to piece together individuals?

    Going for an aggressive, grindy sound with the use of a bass overdrive occaisonally.

    This is essentially going to be an artillary piece for me for the prog metal band I play in.
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    I'd say it's easiest to buy a set initially. GHS make one, gauges are (iirc) 90/45, 70/35, 55/25, 40/20. As you get familiar with the instrument you may choose to tweak those and buy individual strings to make a custom set. Not every store will stock long-scale strings as thin as .020, though.
  4. Luckily my best friend/guitarist is also the manager of a music store, as an erb guy he stocks those wierd gauges for me, I think I'll start with a set and tweak from there, thansk for the info.
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    I've been really happy mixing Ken Smith piccolo strings with a set of TI Jazz Rounds on my fretless 8 string. The lower tension of the JRs is great when pushing down both strings for long periods of time, and the smaller windings make the two sets have a more similar feel, as well.

    This probably wouldn't work well if you are using words like "artillery," though. In that case, I would suggest TI Power Bass strings for the lower set. :ninja: