800RB owners.. Bi-amping questions...

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  1. this is specifically for users of the GK 800RB. I tour with one and use and 8x10. I want a smaller rig (i.e 2 - 2x12's) so i don't have to use the fridge for smaller venues. I tried the Bi-amp feature this past weekend using an ampeg 4x10 and an SWR 1x15. I have always felt SWR speakers couldn't hang with much power, and the grunts coming from the 1x15 cab were exactly that. Even after i switched the 1x15 to the 100 watt power section it still sounded weak. and "floppy". the 1x15 cab is perfect and sounds good by itself, and so does my own 4x10. my amp is in working order as well.

    So, how do i use the crossover (frequency knob) to ensure i get the most from the cabs? i'll keep the 8x10 if it's not gonna work very well..
  2. uhhh, anybody??? i CAN'T be the only one touring with, or has experience with this head.... ;)
  3. I used this head bi-amped for quite some time. I think the most important part about bi-amping is the speaker selection. If your 15 was made to be a full range speaker, it will not handle the low end of a bi-amp set up very well. You should try it with a speaker that was made to be a sub that will reproduce those frequencies.

    Do not use the 100 watt power section for the sub. (Your 15)

    Make sure the "bi-amp" button is switched on

    You will notice on the back of the 800RB one speaker output is marked "high" (100w) and "low" (300w) When the bi-amped switch is on, it sends only the high frequencies to the 100w side and all the lows to the 300w side.

    Plug a good sub into the 300w side and a cab for the highs into the 100w side. The frequency knob on the cross over will adjust the phase of the cross over. Simply turn it from one side to the other and you should be able to dial in a good sound, you can also use the level knobs to adjust the speakers individually. This is good if one speaker over powers the other or if you want to dial in more of the lows or highs.

    my guess is your speakers are not best suited for a bi-amped rig. The SWR 15 was not meant to be a sub and a 4X10 is probably too much speaker for just the highs, a 2X10 with a sub is much better. There are some 15's out there that will make a good sub, but you are better off with either an 18' or a 2X12 cab that was meant to be sub. Not a 2X12 full range, mind you that there are some 2X12's that may be suitable for both.

    Personally, I don't think a bi-amped set up was ever meant to be a compact or a small set-up, although you should be able to find small enough speaker that will handle the job, plus two small speaker are easier to handle than one big one. I am currently using an Alembic F1X bi-amped with an SWR 2X10 and a 1X18. I want to go smaller as well and will be going full range. Probably a 4X10
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    Keep the 810, I had the fridge and felt the same way,wanted something more portable, went the bi-amp route 115 EV and 212 celestions for the high freqs. never sounded any where near as good as the single 810 full on,GK and ampeg sealed cabs seem to always sound nice to my ears ,however if you like a relatively clean focused sound then bi-amping might be for you
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    I use a Hartke 410 on the 100W side, and 2 Hartke 115s on the 300W side. Sounds wonderful.

    You must keep in mind that the 100W is into 8 ohms, and the 300w is rated for 4 ohms...thus why I use two cabs on the low side, to get the full 300w from that output...otherwise, it only produces 200W into 8 ohms.
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    I've never preferred to use the 800RB biamped rather than full range... the biamp circuits onboard just don't sound too great regardless of what commercial speaker cabinet combinations I try. If you had more specialized speakers (as in not full range) then you might have a better use for the biamp feature.