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'81 Carvin Cab w/ '07 Carvin 15">>>WOW!!!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by lbwdog, May 20, 2011.

  1. Nothing important, I just felt like blabbing about this, LOL.
    Lately I've been liquidating some unused gear so this morning i decided to put a couple of items on Craigslist.
    Here's the ad: Bass Speaker Cab

    I've had this old 1x15 cab (The Carvin Museum - 1981 Bass Amps) for 20+ years, and it was well used when I got it. It always did a good job for gigs where I didn't need a big rig, but it's been sitting unloaded in my utility room for years now. Some Tolex has peeled off, Carvin badge missing. Plenty of Mojo.

    I also had the PS-15 driver that came stock in my 2007 Carvin LS1503, but was pulled in favor of a Kappalite 3015LF. This driver is a 400 w. Eminence. Carvin's using another make now, but still calling it PS-15. They sell them cheap, so I asked a reasonable price.

    Anyway, I get a call shortly after posting, and the guy asked if i had an amp head too. Well, my twenty four year old well roadworn G-K 800RB hasn't seen any use in quite some time so I said "Yeah! Come on" I took it all to my work and hastily bolted the speaker in and hooked up the amp. Man! did this rig sound great! That cab sounded better than when it had a JBL K140 or EVM 15B! Full, even tonal range, and LOUD. Almost didn't want to sell it now, but kept telling myself "You DON'T need it!" I sat back and listened to this young fella put it through it's paces for twenty minutes until he looked at me and said "It's awesome!", I'll take it. So, I got me a quick $400 and made the guy's day.

    You know, around here, it's said every day that, "It's a crapshoot!" when referring to putting different drivers in certain cabs. Well, maybe it is, but this crapshoot was a win-win for both parties. :p
    (just felt like sharing this.)
  2. will33


    May 22, 2006
    I have fond memories of my early 90's carvin 115 as well. Whatever it was just worked. Even balance of tone, sounded like bass but clear and it had personality but clear. Dig in and it would growl, lay back and it had a nice warm "push".

    Later on, after the cab was gone and I found TB and started tinkering with making my own speakers, I tried to recreate it only to find their specs were horribly out of date and there's no way I could figure it out.

    Everybody seems to come up with a gem now and then, that was one of theirs.
  3. +1
    Ya know, back in the pioneer days (before Talkbass), we would often swap drivers back & forth. The tone would vary somewhat, but was usually acceptable if using good quality drivers such as JBL, EV, Black Widow,etc.

    It's just that I was really pleased that this inexpensive Eminence sounded better in this cab than in it's original LS1503 cab.

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