'82 peavey mark 3

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  1. howdy ppl...
    finally upgraded my amp:D i traded my ****ty ashton 150w combo for a 150w peavey merk 3 head...i have to say this is one of the greatest heads ive played...i tested some of the edens and gk but this was my pick...the only other amp i would pickover this would be a hartke ha5500..i just couldnt afford it lol...but what i wanted to know is if anyone else uses these amps and if you could run a power amp and use this head as a preamp?
    cheers heath..

    stu's kubicki is on its way:D
  2. I've gigged one once, and I'm shopping for a mark IV right now...You could run the Hi out and Low OUt to a poweramp and it'd kick...which is what I plan to do once I get the fundage, cause the sounds of these 18+ year old heads, built like a brick sh*tter and the sound is clear and punchy!

    You got a good price?How much?
  3. i only paid $350aus for it...i think its one of the best heads ive played...when i paid more off my kubicki today i took it into the shop to test it with some cabs...i found a 2x15 (jdl's or jbl's i cant remember).....all i could say was wow...it'd be great with a bit more headroom
  4. The Mark IV is the way to go. Stack it with a 4x1o and a 2x15 and you have a ton of Bricks wrapped in velvet, i really love it, wish i could afford it, but as long as i can play its as good, though.:bassist:
  5. i didn't like the mark 4..i could of gotten an 86 mark 4 for $750aus but i dont like amps that have para mid...i dont like mids that much...ill use them live to mix with the drums but thats about all