'83 Squire

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  1. honeyboy


    Oct 31, 2004
    Hey y'all! I've been visiting this web site for about a month and finally decided to join up. I usually play sax and some guitar, but just recently I've been playing bass on some blues gigs. I've been using a Mexican 5 string Jazz which had some 500K pots put in. I like it but it didn't get a nice traditional blues bass sound- it is too bright sounding- probably due to the pots. I've been playing through an SWR Silverado head taken from a Silverado amp with a 15" Carvin speaker in a cabinet. after reading alot on this website, I realized I needed something else. I went shopping for either a used G&L or a used American P Bass since I think most of the old records I hear are being played on a P Bass.(I wanted a G&L just because I like them.) Anyways, I checked at a local guitar store and they didn't have either one. However, they had an old '83 Squire P bass from Japan(SQXXXXX serial #) with a new fret job which sounded unbelievable- warm,bassy,and basically exactly the old vintage tone I was looking for. It is made of ash with a nice sunburst finish with just a few dings to give it the vintage vibe. The neck is straight and action just like I like it- about 2.5 /32nds at the 12th fret.Well they wanted $275.00 for it so I bought it. I've been enjoying it all day emulating the tones I hear on my blues tapes. Anyone else have good experiences with these old Squires?