89' MIJ 62' RI pickup upgrade, Single Coils/Humbuckers? NEED HELP!

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  1. Hey guys,
    I have a sunburst 89' MIJ 62' RI that I got about 3 months ago. It's a beast. I really love the big chunky neck and it's now all naturally reliced. As soon as I got it I put on a bwb pickguard. I really love the looks and feel of this bass.

    Soundwise, there's a small problem. The E string is probably all I ever wanted in a bass sound. Tons of low end, great tone, great output. My problem is on more on the A and D strings. A is not so bad, tonewise it sounds great but it could be hotter. D string is lacking a lot of output, to the point that I can't ever hear myself when I'm playing chords.

    I'm considering upgrading the pickups for something hotter. At the same time, I don't wanna put on a SPB-3 and just get a dead rock sound. I play in drop D with a pick and we play a kind of grungy/90's type of post-punk. I'd really like to keep the "vintage" tone. I use a SamsAmp RPM to emulate the tuby-gain type of sound. So these pickups need to handle distortion/gain well.

    So? What should I get? I'm thinking of an SPB-2 or maybe the Antiquity ones. I'm not quite familiar with the Single Coil/Humbucker technicalities, so I'm a little confused on what to pick. Also, the SPB-1 could be nice, but will it be hot enough?

    Anyone ever tried these and could recommend?
    Any help would be gladly appreciated!
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    If the "E" sounds good to you, then it's probably not a question of "hotness" of the pickups. It's a string volume/balance problem, and you could try raising one side of the pickups closer to the D & G, and maybe lowering the E & A side some.

    Also, try varying the low mids on your amp up to favor the other strings a bit. You're running through some processing that may also be exacerbating the problem.

    My bet is that you'll install "hotter" pickups and have exactly the same string volume balance issues.
  3. I'm saying "hotness" here, but honestly I don't think it's the output volume that too low on those 2 strings. Maybe they're getting cut off in the mix since there is so much low ends. The P pup is not flat, but I guess it could be bend even more in the center so that it will get closer to the A & G strings. I'll try that.

    I'm also thinking about trying the Bill Lawrence P-46. Any inputs?
  4. ale29


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    Both the pick up sides and bridge saddles need to follow the fingerboard radius (7,25" i suppose).
    This is clearly a setup problem, try to sort it out before spending $$$
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    Agreed. That said, I have Antiquity IIs in my MIJ '62RI Jazz, and absolutely love them. They still have all the vintage character, but are a bit punchier than the ones that came in the bass. Great pickup set.
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    Strings twisted . When restringing if the ball end is not allowed to unravel as you come up to pitch it will cause a loss of efficiency in the string. Loosen the two in question and pull the ball away from the bridge and see if it wants to twist in a certain direction. Even a quarter turn will improve the way the string vibrates.