9 V 540 ? or 2000 mA?

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  1. Hello TB!:bassist:

    Just got a hand on a Rocktron Banshee.

    But... I destroyed my adapater by just connecting it with a wrong converter and it burnt off.

    I have this universal adapter which can go to any effectpedal with 9V.

    But, then I noticed that this only has 540 mA and the adapter on my Rocktron has 2000 mA.

    When I use my universal adapter the banshee IS powered up, and the bypass works. But when I use the switch on the banshee all sound goes away and no sound comes out from the tube.

    Has the fact that this adapter only have 540 mA and not 2000 mA anything to do with it?:meh:

    AND if not, even though that the banshee is powered up by my universal adapter, is it broken due to the fact that I used the wrong converter to the rocktron adapter?!:meh:

    Many thanks in advance!!
  2. RickenBoogie


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    Yes, you're "starving" the pedal.
  3. Chronicle


    Sep 13, 2006
    Damnit, why don't we have a facepalm smiley?
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    Someone should whip one up and PM paul or JT with it :D
  5. Thanks. RickenBoogie
    Okay cool, so since i'm "starving" the pedal, would you consider the pedal to work even though the adapter were burnt off, could it have destroyed sth in the pedal? Or would that be illogical since the pedal can be powered up with the 9 volt. universal adap.? And the only thing which smells burnt is the adapter.

  6. JanusZarate

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    I doubt that any damage was caused by the first adapter. You should be okay, but please note the following:

    The Rocktron Banshee uses a 9VAC (NOT DC) adapter, and needs a minimum of 1.003A (or 1003mA) to operate. The original adapter is 2000mA, but you don't necessarily need that much. However, having more current than you need is never a bad thing, since the pedal will only draw what it requires when running.

    In other words, you're using the wrong voltage type, and nowhere near enough current. Your universal adapter is intended for typical pedals that can run off of batteries. It will not power pedals that require AC voltages, and it will not power pedals that require as much current as the Banshee does.

    You need to get a new adapter which is 9VAC, has the right plug type, and can provide at least 1100mA (just to be safe).
  7. Hey MysticBoo, thanks for this answer! U live up to your word! This helped me a lot, I'm a bassist, I've no clue about how effectpedals work:) I'm just using them. But now I know a little more about them!