SOLD 90's Korean Fender Squier loaded Precision body less bridge

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  1. ronaldd1948


    Jul 2, 2009
    This body is in good condition. The electronics are all new. New CTS pots, wiring, cap, etc. Installed new knobs. The original pickup sounds excellent to my ear. The electronics are totally quiet regardless of the volume and tone settings. Has surface scratches, but no chips or dings. The only thing of consequence is on the back of the upper bout and is clearly shown in the pictures. This bass body appears to be made of laminate or plywood, but I'm not certain. To my ear it does what it was made for which is to sound good. This weighed 7 pounds on my balance beam scale. I included a picture of the neck head stock that was on the bass should you want to research. The neck is not for sale at this time.

    IMG_0211 (2).JPG IMG_0213 (2).JPG IMG_0212 (2).JPG IMG_0214 (2).JPG IMG_0215 (2).JPG
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