SOLD 91 Alembic Essence--$1700

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    1991 Essence in almost flawless condition. There is a little lacquer discoloration by the headstock and a few almost unnoticeable marks on the 5th fret where the original owner's wedding band would knock against it when playing. Pictures to show detail, but really an almost perfect bass for a 26 year old bass.

    D-tuner added, it will ship with the original tuner as well. Will come in a SKB hard case

    Plays and sounds as it should, which is great... I really feel a little sick to my stomach for posting it, but just bought a new house and need $$$ for some stuff. I am the second owner and have had it about a year and a half. Just trying to get back what I paid, $1700, buyer pays fees/shipping
    --- price decrease--$1700

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  2. Brother Goose

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    If it's any consolation- you have some AMAZING basses in your profile pic... GLWTS!
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    Nice looking bass, I sold mine years back and have sellers remorse. How much does she weigh?
  4. Twocan

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    GREAT bass here folks! Love mine.
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  5. 9 lbs on the bathroom scale
  6. soflbass


    Mar 2, 2013
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    Beautiful instrument. Still for sale?
  7. Yes, still available.
  8. Price decrease, now $1700