'92 Warwick Streamer - Part II

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  1. FireBug


    Sep 18, 2005
    I figured I'd go ahead and start part II of my Streamer thread. It all goes down tomorrow!! Tomorrow my power amp is going back to GC and I get the money back from my 2x15 Diesel that I got burned on. The guy is just going to relist it and we ship it out of here at whoever's expense.

    Link to my old post about a used $600 handmade Streamer is here

    So anyway...here we go with the cleaning portion of this thread:

    *What cleaning supplies will be needed? I need something that can dissolve relatively large amounts of finger gunk. About 7 years worth.
    *What type of body treatments should I give it? I might pick up one of those Dunlop all-in-one treatments kits. What do you recommend?
    *What type of material do I clean it with? I usually just use an old (clean) cloth.
    *I was thinking of having the rough thumb-wear spot professionally sanded/cleaned. The wood is really exposed.
    The Most Important Part
    *The cold weather just came in today. Given the condition of this bass, what should I do to keep it in shape this winter?

    Any other suggestions? Thanks gang!
  3. Um... Part II?