93 Stu Hamm Urge (MIM) rebuild

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  1. Marshall Guiton

    Marshall Guiton

    Feb 1, 2015
    Yeah, good point. Are you keeping the center part of the tuners chrome? Or are those going to be powder coated too?

    I didn't realize the US ones didn't have fretboard markers. I've had GAS for a US one for a while, but I'm not sure I'd like not having fretboard markers.
  2. Pep

    Pep Supporting Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Louisville, KY
    I want to completely replace the tuners but that will be somewhere down the road. The centers of the tuners will remain chrome. The friction and stress from the strings would cause to the chip.
    I found out today that the one dealer that carries the Bartolini J-Bass pickups to fit the Urge MIM is Best Bass Gear. Bartolini creates a special SB3 and pairs it with the regular S3 to make the set. Best Bass Gear doesn't have an in stock and will have to order them. I should know tomorrow how long it will take.
    Hopefully it will be quick.
  3. I've had the same issue with a restauration of a Musicmaster (which got its entire decal hacked away with a chisel, but still had the serial intact). I asked my regular decal-guy if he could do it, and he did. Maybe send him a mail? Brauskoh [at] hot m a i l [point] com (he's called Trey)

    Before, after.
  4. Interesting mod - looking forward to your finished project. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Pep

    Pep Supporting Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Louisville, KY
    My Hakko Soldering Station showed up today so I'll probably do the wiring this weekend.
    I ordered the Bartolini 9CBJD-S/SB J-Bass pickups. They'll should be here by Feb 10 or possibly sooner.
    Also I ordered new black tuners from Carvin. They're the same design & size as Gotoh. The neck peg holes are too large for them so I contacted a machine shop that's in my area. I'm heading over there next week to we can mic everything. They're going to make some aluminum "press-in" sleeves to bridge the gap. They said they can do them for about $5.00 each and that's going to make this neck really sweet. I may do that to another bass I have.

    The new white pearl pick guard will be here on Monday

    Now my next move is to find a local body shop to paint the body. Once I find that I'll choose the paint, start the stripping process and prep the body for paint.
    If everything goes right, and it usually never does, It should be completed by mid-month. Hope to have more photos this weekend.
  6. Pep

    Pep Supporting Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Louisville, KY
    I had some time this afternoon so I decided to do most of the wiring. I mounted the controls/switches, etc., on a cardboard template and started laying out the wiring, then started cutting, stripping and soldering the wires.
    In the first pic you can see the layout you see the components from left to right:
    *Blend pot for J-Bass pickups
    *Stellartone 11 Position tone control
    *Mini toggle On/On/On used to switch (1) Up - P-Bass pickup, (2) Center - All three pickups, (3) Down - J-Bass pickups.
    *Volume Control

    You also see the "quick" connectors I'm going to use on the pickups. It will allow me to switch out pickups without soldering and unsoldering.
    Wiring before.JPG

    In the second pick is the new Hakko Soldering Station. What a sweet piece of equipment. I can dial in virtually any temperature quickly.

    Hakko Soldering Station.JPG

    In the last pick is the finished wiring. The capacitor is built into the Stellartone. I sure hope the wiring is correct.

    Wiring After.JPG
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    May 26, 2005
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    Omg!!! Subscribing
  8. Pep

    Pep Supporting Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Louisville, KY
    Another update. I found a guy to do the complete decals so it appears I'll be painting the headstock to match the body. Can't wait to get this finished. I'm stoked!!!!
  9. Pep

    Pep Supporting Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Louisville, KY
    The project continues today as I take the neck and a Gotoh tuner to the machine shop. I'll have them mic the tuner and neck bores to machine sleeves to bridge the gap between the 11/16" tuner holes and the smaller Gotoh tuners.
    I also need to take a hi-res photo of the headstock and take multiple measurements of the headstock logo/Stu Hamm signature to have the new waterslide decals made to the painted headstock.
    I may also try to get to an auto paint supply house to select the new color. Busy day!

    PS: New pick guard will be in today.
  10. Pep

    Pep Supporting Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Louisville, KY
    New pick guard arrived today and looks awesome.
    Sent info and pics off to the decal guy.
    Dropped of the info and measurements to the machine shop to make the adapter sleeves for the Gotoh tuners.
    Search for paint samples online tonite.
    Will start the finish stripping process later in the week.
  11. Pep

    Pep Supporting Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Louisville, KY
    Okay, here's the latest. As I mentioned previously I ordered Gotoh style tuners to replace the stock ones and realized that I would need some "press-fit" sleeves to bridge the gap between the larger tuner holes and the new tuners. Well when measuring everything I realized that the stock washers from the tuners that lay against the face of the headstock are too small in diameter to work, so I had the machine shop make some larger brass ones. I thought the brass against the planned darker painted headstock would look sweet. Here's a pic of the parts.
    The next two pics are of the front and back of the body. I've yet to strip it and hope to get started on that this weekend. in one photo you can see the holes for the string ferrules that allow the strings to run through the body. In the other photo you can see the P-Bass pickup rout which came out very clean.
    string through holes.JPG p-bass rout.JPG
  12. Any updates?
    I'm loving this thread!
  13. Pep

    Pep Supporting Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Louisville, KY
    Should have more later this week. Hoping to start stripping the paint by Friday.
  14. Pep

    Pep Supporting Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Louisville, KY
    Small update on the bass, large update on the process.
    The final parts came in today, the Bartolini Jazz pickups.

    I don't have a workbench so I ordered a Black & Decker Workmate to clamp the body down to start the stripping process. The Workmate arrived today and the idiots I purchased it from didn't box it up in a "shipping rated" box. The factory box was design to be strapped to a skid and shipped with other units.
    The box has so many tears and openings that there is no way everything is inside.
    I've emailed the company and am awaiting a reply. There's no way I'm going to open this box and be stuck with it.

    I'll update again soon.
  15. Hang in there on your missing parts. Your project is looking good.
  16. Pep

    Pep Supporting Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Louisville, KY
    It will be completed. I'm going to hold off on painting the headstock until I receive the decals to insure they look authentic.
  17. Pep

    Pep Supporting Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Louisville, KY
    Here's another update. I was able to find a guy to paint the bass. I met with him today. I'll either need to strip the heavy coats of paint on the body, finish sand and seal it for him to paint, or have a new body made. I'm going to attempt to remove the paint tomorrow.
    He's going to spray a sample piece so I can determine if it's the right shade. He's probably not going to need it for very long, possibly a week.

    Also, I'm sending the photos of the logo/serial #/Stu Hamm signature to the decal guy. Once I receive those I'll determine if they're accurate enough to warrant painting the headstock.
    Here's a sample of the color. Tell me if you think this will look good with all black hardware and a white pearl pickguard.
    Teal Paint.JPG
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  18. Pep

    Pep Supporting Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Louisville, KY
    Stripping the body:

    Today i set up my workmate and clamped the body to the table. I found that this particular Urge has been painted 3 times.
    The original color was Lake Placid Blue, then it was painted Red, then Black and finally White. That explained why the White paint was so think. No one put a primer coat over the black so a lot more White was needed to completely cover it.

    Anyway stripper would not breakdown the paint so I searched the web for methods to get the paint removed and I continued to see this one video about a heatgun and a scraper. It was on the StewMac site.
    I got the the heatgun out and started working from the newly routed P-Bass pickup holes. I found that I really needed to get between the original Lake Placid Blue and the Red to get it to come off. Once I got it started it moved along pretty quickly. It only took about 2 hours to do all of it including the contours and edges.
    IMG_2101.JPG IMG_2102.JPG IMG_2102.JPG IMG_2103.JPG IMG_2104.JPG
    The bass is a bit rough so I decided to try some Zip-Strip to remove some of the original paint to make it a bit easier to sand. Here it is after the second coat of Zip Strip. IMG_2106.JPG
    Tomorrow I'll strip the back of the body and the all the edges.
    Tuesday I'll rough sand it then cover it with sanding sealer.
    Wednesday I'll finish sand it and hopefully get it to the painter on Thursday.
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  19. Pep

    Pep Supporting Member

    Oct 5, 2010
    Louisville, KY
    After lots of scraping, stripping and sanding I'm finally down to the wood. I was a bit shocked with some of what I found. This is a 3 piece body and it also has a veneered front and back. I don't know what wood they used. I believe it's supposed to be alder but I'm really wondering if that's true. Whatever it is it's a very low quality.
    In the photos below you can see a lot very light areas around the outside edges, That's all filler and it's not something anyone has applied since it was manufactured. It was found directly under the original Lake Placid Blue paint. It kinda makes you wonder what Fender is hiding under their other painted bodies, That might explain why some of basses sound better than others of the same model.
    Not only is there a lot of filler, the body is pretty nicked-up. That explains why there were so many coats of paint on the body.

    I sent the photos to my painter and let him know that there are a lot of imperfections in the surface. He said not to worry about it. The primer he's using will fill in most of it and after sanding then applying the paint and clear coats you won't be able to see it. Sounds good to me.

    Also, I ordered the decals today. I'm awaiting confirmation of the order and expected delivery date. Once I receive them I'll decide whether they're good enough to warrant a painted headstock.

    IMG_2107.JPG IMG_2108.JPG IMG_2109.JPG IMG_2110.JPG IMG_2111.JPG IMG_2112.JPG IMG_2113.JPG
  20. wow thats a ton of paint.
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