SOLD 99 Fender American Hot Rodded Pbass

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Jao6859, Sep 4, 2020.

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    Jul 26, 2020
    Danbury CT
    These are hard to come by sought after basses with incredible tone and look great. Fender only made them for a couple of years. This bass has been played over the last 20 years. Has some battle scars. Pictures show all the wear and tear. Couple good dings. One of the tuners has been replaced with a standard highway one fender tuner. The strap lock hole has been redrilled laterally to the original hole. Some serious belt rash on the back.

    All that aside the bass sounds and plays great. Had a recent set up at the Guitar Hangar in CT with new Ernie Balls about a month back. Neck is straight and truss rod is functional.

    This thing is awesome and these do not pop up for sale frequently. Please let me know if you want any more pics or info. Pickup in CT/NYC or 775 + actual shipping

    Some info on these basses here

    FENDER HOT ROD P-BASS bass guitars

    A46115B1-11AE-480B-8DCC-708098D22817.jpeg 7DAE2CF5-EEBB-4C3D-BFE8-26804C75DD73.jpeg 50FB21DD-8FED-4429-8FFA-A36CD301DF8C.jpeg ACF19C22-CE38-402A-B86D-E5E09F5262F0.jpeg A163E47E-457B-4012-B4C9-F0AB5BED7BDA.jpeg 275D1ECF-F7A5-490C-A601-679459C9BECC.jpeg 6E0D02C9-F4C7-4AC1-82D1-4ECDCA7B29BC.jpeg 27F3F12B-589B-46A8-AC42-5A5A016DB761.jpeg
  2. Shipping to:
    South Yarmouth, MA 02664-1116

    Thank you, Jase
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