'99 US Fender Jazz Bass

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  1. thwackless


    Nov 24, 2003
    Smithfield, RI
    A few holes from moving the strap buttons around, strap-jig installed at the neck-body joint. This allows the bass to be pulled up into a fairly 'upright' position, I've found it relieves stress on the left wrist. Made it out of some new door-latch hardware, pretty unobtrusive.
    3-color burst, tortoise pickguard, rosewood. Two obvious dings at the rounded edge at bottom of body. Bass has a good finsh on it otherwise. All stock stuff, Fender after-market pickguard, stock pickups replaced EMG VJ's. Sound much better! (Pardon my editorial, EMG fans).
    I'm trying to get a bass with narrower string-spacing, and must sell my Fender to do it. Bass sounds great, deep punchy growl... and goes nicely to tape. Good player, will need fret levelling or crowning in a year or so, depending on your playing habit.
    Looking for $500... pix available on request.
    Thanks for your time,
    Rog. (401)349-4456 Rhode Island
  2. flury


    May 21, 2004
    Could I get pics?
    timie74@yahoo.com if you need to email them.

    Did you move both strap pins? Is the change in location a big difference?

    Im very interested. Could you ship cod?