'99 US Fender Jazz fer sale

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  1. thwackless


    Nov 24, 2003
    Smithfield, RI
    I'm selling to help finance a small computer-based recording set-up, otherwise this'd never happen. I've been, however, trying to trade it for a nice med-scale bass, if you've seen my threads around. Anyway:

    3-color burst;
    Rosewood 'board;
    US Standard 4-string;

    Has a strap-jig I put together for the purpose of holding the bass in a more upright (vertical)position, to ease up on an injury in my left arm. Can easily be restored to original strap-button's position, though it'll leave some holes. Also has a couple good little dings.

    It's still a pretty good-looking bass, suitable for weddings and country-club Fox-Trot serenades. A sweet player, feels and sounds very good; nice round 'thump', good detail. A funkster if you're of the older school, I've been using it in a reggae band. All stock electronics, after-market pickguard has been installed (I have the original tortoise-shell- this too can be yours!). The body had to be re-drilled for the new pickguard (which was in fact a Fender!), so there are aesthetic considerations visible and hidden. I'm asking for $500, but will gladly field offers. Fashion tips will be considered...
    See pix:
    Note the new positions of BOTH strap buttons...