A $180 pedal quest

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  1. Bastijnv


    Nov 14, 2015
    Utrecht NL
    Every birthday my friends and I chip in to buy a nice gift. Most of the times we approximately reach 180 dollars, with which we buy something actually nice, instead of lots of small presents.
    Next month I'll be asked what my wishes are, and for that I need your help.

    I play in metal bands. My sound consists of a Schecter Hellraiser Extreme 5, with a EMG 40P5 and a 40TW, GHS Precision flats, a VT Bass with Character at 9 o' clock (the SVT setting), an Alpha|Omega for dirt. At home I play through a Hartke LH500 and a Hydrive 4x10. For rehearsal or gigs I preferably play through whatever stack they offer, because my sound is mostly my VT Bass and I like to travel light.

    It's probably not very common to play metal with Precision Flats, my sound is usually more associated with blues and country. But I found out that the attack of these strings cuts right through the mix. Plus it's very dark.

    For fun at home I use a Future Impact, Mooer Tender Mk I, a Pigtronix Philosopher and some other dirt pedals and a Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master.

    So what I would like to add to my sound is some more diversity, a light OD with some more clank? Maybe another preamp with a different flavour? I prefer my pedals to be on for the whole song. Or maybe a multiband equaliser? Would that be a significant addition to a 3-band preamp on my bass plus the 3-band preamp on the VT? (Or maybe not a pedal but something else?)

    Every piece of gear mentioned above was acquired either after being inspired by this forum or after thorough research on this forum, so I'm looking forward to your suggestions.