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A 6 string for £99! ($199 roughly)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Allighatt0r, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. On sunday, my brother went to a local market, and came back with a 6 string bass, (the headstock says DM) that he bought for the bargain price of £99.

    Obviously, as I'm sure most have you spotted from miles off, he really has got what he paid for... one or two frets are very badly put in, the bridge is wonky (the B string side is tilted towards the nut slightly) surely if this was purposeful it would be tilted the other way to give a little more B string tension?

    The d string tuner has a fairly serious problem, when tightening, it gets to a certain point and just will not go any further... I've taken off the string, even taken the tuner right out of the headstock and given it a liberal dose of WD40, but thats not helped, the only thing i don't understand is it doesn't seize up when turning in the loosening direction... I managed to get it to tune by running the string further through the gap in the tuner, instead of down into the hole.

    There's an independent volume control for both soap-bar pickups, and from what i can understand by taking off the back electronics cover, there are three tone controls... :confused: (it's not active) if it would help i think i could try to draw out a wiring diagram?

    Oh, and it's got a wooden nut. the neck is made out of two bits of wood (although the joint it very well made) the top side of the fretboard is very rough and there's a gap between the top of the neck and the body (It's held on with 7 bolts! impressive or what.)

    So basically, where would be the best (and/or cheapest) place to start when thinking about upgrading this bass? :bag:

    My brother's loving it though, I can barely get him off it. he's wanted a 6 string for ages. :D :bassist:
  2. Treat it as a learning experience? Both in not buying £99 basses, and how to go about making something out of it.
    Rough edges in wood can be sanded and refinished. The iffy frets (assuming they're in straight) can be lifted and refitted; or fit new frets. The bridge can be removed, the holes filled and re-drilled in the right place.
    You could really have fun, and improve this, if you're so minded. As they say, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade!
    Mind you, I wouldn't spend too much on it...

    Good luck

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