A/B selector box question

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    Oct 6, 2006
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    Apparently I am trying in vain to overcome Zoom's shortcoming of having the option of using an expression pedal OR footswitch, but not both. Maybe I'm asking too much and this pedal just isn't capable of it without heavy modification which I'm trying to avoid. Here's what I'm wanting to do:

    I have a couple of patches in which I pair a delay either with a wah or a whammy function, like so:

    Snapchat-1084578323920652751.jpg Snapchat-5076309621574029000.jpg

    I would like to be able to set a tap tempo for the delay, and then begin using the expression pedal to operate the wah or the whammy, and go back and forth as the application is required. I have tried several modified Y adapter and Y splitter options to no avail, as I believe that since the Control In on the pedal can 'read' both signals at the same time, they negatively influence each other's operation. So my question is: can a modified A/B box be built to accommodate a Stereo side for the TRS jack of the expression pedal and a Mono side for the TS cable of the footswitch, and be able to toggle the switch so that I can use one or the other when I need it? And has anyone tried this method before with any results? I've used my B3 for years and I love it but this is the one single quirk about it that irritates me to no end and I'd like to be able to find a way to use both options without hacking up the unit if I can avoid it haha!