A/B switching.

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  1. I've seen this covered a few times but never in the way I want it set up. I'm trying to find a way to switch between my pure bass tone (straight to amp) and my effects (through pedalboard then to amp) and then port all of it to a PA system. I thought I could achieve this by using an A/B switch but it occurred to me that wouldn't work. So I'm reaching out to all you gearheads who would know a thing or two on how to get this set up.

    Info if needed: Amp is an Ampeg SVT 4Pro.
  2. spufman

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    Feb 7, 2005
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    A bypass looper and a DI at the amp will do nicely. I like the Boss LS-2, it performs this effects loop function well and can do other useful things, is well built and is reasonably priced, especially used.
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  3. XLunacy


    Nov 28, 2013
    As stated by @spufman.
    LS-2 would be fine but does a lot that you don't necessarily need.
    I'd use one of these :
    Loop Pedal Switchers - - 1 Looper (Micro, LED Version) - Loop-Master Pedals
    And put more money for a good DI to place at the very end of the chain (I personally use a cab sim -Omnicabsim- that has a DI out for that purpose, since I find the pure bass tone to be too clinical for my taste).
    Signal chain would be bass > looper in > looper send > effects > looper return > looper out > DI > amp + FOH
    Would that work for you ?
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    One of the Radial Engineering mixer/switcher products might work, especially if you're willing to DI out of your amp.
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    ^^^This. Signal goes from bass > loop selector > DI > amp. When you step on the loop selector it adds all of your other gizmos into an effects loop that returns back to the loop selector before continuing to the DI. Easy-peazy. I like the semi-custom loop selectors available from Loopmaster but there are lots of products that take this same approach.
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  6. Awesome. I'm gonna go buy a bypass looper now. Thanks for the help, TB'ers!