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    Ok so , I just added an ABY switch, and my effects are going to amp A

    Now, with amp B, which will be added next week

    How do I send the effects to amp B, or will they already be heard on both, or, either or once the effect out cable is plugged into the inPut of the aby?

    There is a lot of tech stuff that I don’t know.... and I’m wanting to gain knowledge on how to do different things ... I always had a tech that would set up my system ... so I’m at the point where I want to do it on my own now

    Just FYI stuff; I got the new MORLEY Aby Pro (Im an endorsed artist)

    Cheers and blessings
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  2. If you wants effects in both amps, chain the effects in front of the A/B box (Bass > Effects > A/B > Amps)