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a band with your best friends...

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by lizzyb, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. lizzyb


    Jul 9, 2003
    I was in a really great band for almost two years when i first lerned how to play bass, unfortunately it all broke up awhile ago due to the drummer quitting and all of us getting really busy with other stuff (school plus me and another member do a lot of acting)

    I have tryed several times to start a band but the probelm is the good musicians that i get along with and arnt in a band already, are some of my best friends. were all 15 year old girls so as you can imagine, no matter how good our intentions are, we wind up goofing off or talking insted of working. Too make things worse the guitarist, while being very good, has no confidence (thats deffinitly a new probelm for me) so the pianist and I wind up having to play the lead parts. I dont know wether to keep trying to get this band to work, or acccept other band offers from people i dont enjoy working with.

    so, give me your opinions and advice, on either how to deal with people who just want you to play their stuff, or how to make everyone focas insted of talking about what movie were gonna see that night.

    thanks for the help

  2. Lizzy:

    I think that you should make your band with your friends. Beign in a "group of friends making music" is much better than a music band.
    You should share your feelings trought music. And have fun! That`s the important thing!
    But that`s my opinion...
    Two years ago, I made a band with my brother(guitar), my best friend(Singer) and my brothers best friend(Drummer). that band was the best experience of my whole life.

    But that`s another story... Good Luck

  3. lizzyb


    Jul 9, 2003

    thanks for the advice, and i agree its better. I just wish we all werent so distracted.

    the first band i was in was me, my brother, my brothers best friend who became my best friend, and then crazy drummer boy, i wish that had lasted because it was incredible. But i guess maybe now my standerds are just too high.

    thanks for the advie its deffinitly true.

  4. You should try come up with something that will motivate the band. I have found that having plenty of new songs to learn and play is a great way to make people concentrate more on music. Pick some relatively easy covers that are fun to play. Try to find songs that have something for everyone: one song might have a drum solo, another one could have a prominent keyboard part etc.

    Also, does anyone in your band act as a leader? If not, maybe you should step in and try to make your practises more efficient. You don´t have to boss people around, just try to make some sort of plan for your rehearsals.

    Of course there´s nothing wrong in having fun and just goofing around with friends, but if you are serious about your playing, maybe you could try to find some time and join another, more ambitous band while keeping your "friend band" intact.

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