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    Feb 12, 2005
    I am getting ready to start playing some decent sized club gigs and I need to upgrade my rig. I currently have a weak 60 watt Hartke combo. I thought I knew what I wanted, but the more I read, the more confused I get on what to do. I was planning on getting a 300 or so watt head with a 410 cab. I want a deep fat natural sound. The heads I have been considering are the Ashdown Mag300 (still haven't heard it because I can't find it), used Ampeg SVT 200t or 350. I think that the best way to get as full of a sound as I want is with a 2 X 12 cabinet and a horn. I recently stumbled upon some Yorkville XS400H head that has a tube in the pre-amp that promises fat sound. I was wondering if anybody could make some recommendations for me. I think 300 watts should be sufficient (unless you can tell me otherwise) and I think I want a 2x12 to give me the low end and growl. I want to know if anybody has a suggestion for an amp with tons of warm tone. I like Ampeg, but I am on a budget. I want to spend a max of about 400 on an amp (used is fine). Some people suggest using a pre-amp poweramp setup, but I just have no idea where to begin with this. I want some advice for what amps to look at. Are Ashdowns as good as they seem? Is the Ampeg worth the money? Is the Yrokville worth anything? Is a pre-amp poweramp setup more versatile? Is a 2x12 a good setup for a fat warm sound? Please help. I should add I play with my fingers in an aggressive (somewhere between punk and emo, but with talkent) rock band. I also play some ska riffs and anything fast.
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    Well I'm going through a dilema that sometimes I'm underpowering my Avatar 212 cab. I'm running an Edent WT-800 head, that's 800 watts into my 212 cab, and sometimes I start to clip the power amp. I think the important thing to do is get as much power as your pocketbook will allow you. Maybe a used power amp in the 1000 watt range and a decent preamp, BBE makes a great inexpensive preamp, starting at about $200. The Avatar 212 sells for about $350.00 or so. Bass Northwest has a used Stewart 2.1 power amp for $599.00, they usually sell for about $900 new.