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A bit of advice - cross-genre...

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Dkerwood, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Dkerwood


    Aug 5, 2005
    So we're a Christian alternative rock trio. I got an email from a guy doing a big show in Branson, asking us if we'd be interested. Room, board, backline, lights, PA provided, and he asks how much we'd charge.

    In the email, he mentions that he wanted to put on a "classic style" Christian concert. At first, I read that as "classic rock style", but I figured that if he was contacting us, SURELY he knew what style we played. Maybe he just meant something else by "classic style." So I shot him back our standard fee plus traveling expenses, and now am waiting for a response.

    Then it hits me. One of our "buddy bands" is a classic rock style Christian band. They occasionally refer people to us when they're already booked on a date, and we do the same for them. I now wonder if this wasn't the case here... which would mean that he may be assuming that we're in the same style.

    I tried to look up the other two bands he said were booked for his festival, and both bands I come up with on Google (fairly generic band names turned up several different bands on the first page of search results) were classic rock style Christian bands.

    So now I'm wondering if I should be upfront with our style. We range from classic rock to poppy punk... with about every type of "alternative rock" in between. I'd hate to lose the gig, because it sounds pretty great. But I'd also hate for us to show up and get cancelled after soundcheck.

    Let's assume that we get a contract in place (I'm not driving all the way to Branson without one). Advice?
  2. Mystic Michael

    Mystic Michael Hip No Ties

    Apr 1, 2004
    New York, NY
    Yeah. Quit wringing your hands about it...

    The assumption here should be that the guy who wants to book your band has done his homework. Presumably he already knows what you guys are all about. And if he doesn't, that's his responsibility and his problem - not yours.

    Your responsibility is to put on the best show that you can - period. Once you've got that contract in hand, just go down there and do your stuff.

    Who knows? Even if it's not what they expected, they might just be pleasantly surprised...

  3. AdlerAugen


    Aug 9, 2006
    Make sure that they have an adequate PA is all I can say from my experience and reading other people's stories...
  4. Cactusgrant


    Jul 27, 2006
    I know this isn't related but can I ask what christian music is? I've heard it here a few times and I don't think I know any christian music except maybe like christmas music or church hymms? ( I know its probably stupid question but I dont know!)
  5. If you're really worried about it but still want to keep the gig after the contract rolls in, then since you mentioned,
    just gear your set list towards the classic side of your repitoire as much as you can. Then have fun!:D
  6. Dkerwood


    Aug 5, 2005
    Basically, take your usual music genre, and add a Christian artist who claims it as their ministry. If it has lyrics, the lyrics are typically spiritual (if not explicitly Christian). The lyrics absolutely should not conflict with typical Christian beliefs (that is, you can have a song about hanging out with friends, but it should never include sex, drugs, or alcohol).

    Christian music exists within every musical genre, from country to speed metal. Therefore, Christian music really isn't a "genre" as much as a "topic," although it is almost always separated as if it were a "genre".

    Christian music DOES, however, have an exclusive genre - Gospel. Think about it. Have you ever heard a black gospel choir singing about anything besides God?

    Anyway, in our case, the "Christian" tag means that we are a ministry first, and a musical group second. The music is a means to an end. I wrote the music itself at various times in my life - usually when I was down and out. The subject matter ranges from:

    -crying out for help
    -acknowledging that I am making a mistake or have made a mistake and want to correct it
    -reflecting on perfect love and its effect on people
    -frustration at spiritual and moral shortcomings
    -stories about people and their faith or lack thereof
    -fun parallels between Christianity and other things

    ...and so on and so forth. Honestly, the music isn't the main ministry - it's just a tool to draw people in. It's the words between songs and visiting with people before and after shows that are the band's true ministry.

    It's interesting. We've played in bars and churches, for church youth groups and rodeo fans. Young and old, religious or not... we seem to relate to people no matter what demographic they fall into.
  7. Regardless of the type of music you play, or the topics you sing about, you should be able to expect a booking agent to either know, or enquire about what you are about, not tell you what he wants based on a loose description.

    If you have one, offer to deliver a promo pack with some demo's and have the 3 of you meet with him afterwards - that way he can hear for himself what you're about, meet you guys in person and decide for himself if thats the kind of act he wants to promote and book through his agency.

    And on a side note I've done minor booking work for bands in the past.

    I won't book a band who claims "Christian" as part of their genre description on that alone. Christians above others try to live by the law of tolerance and ONLY booking a Christian band for a request to have Christian friendly music flies in the face of that whole concept IMNSHO.

    That said, if I had one available, I will always pass on a promo pack for prospective Christian clients to review - as they do have the right to care about and communicate a desire to only choose Christians to play for them if they so choose to want only that.

    Good luck with the contract I hope it all works out well for you!
  8. Cactusgrant


    Jul 27, 2006
    wow thanks Dkerwood you answered my question brillantly! Cheers
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