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    For along time it didint really click with me why so many Metallica fans who really loved the first 3 to 5 albums couldent get into the later newer material , as you can see and hear your personel prefrences can bias you :p well just within the past few months i found an analogy that helped me understand why these Metallica fans couldent get into the newer Material and it is "Star Trek". I found it hard with the last few spin off series of Star Trek to maintain an interest in what was going on with them since in a sense i thought it drifted to far away from what i liked about Star Trek and then i realized this is what some Metallica fans must think with their current ventures. Thanks For listening , Keep Rockin and Trekin- Major Metal.
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    Jul 17, 2003
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    -It's Metallica Jim, but not as we know it...

    -my God, what is that awful awful sound?

    -it's the snaredrum Jim, it's the snaredrum..

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    Jun 1, 2004
  4. lol, im guessing alot of people dont like the newer stuff because they dont open with acoustic guitar intros? lol

    im not TOO fond of the newer stuff but on its own its good :)
    same thing with Robert, as a bass player, hes great.. but a lot of the time i cant hear him.. and i HATE how he plays the for whom the bell tolls intro, it sounds like he fumbles it all the time.. and that stupid crab walk thing he does.. lol
    Jason was cooler :bassist:
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    Cliff Burton > Jason Newstead > Robert Trujillo

    Don´t get me wrong, Robert is an excellent bass player, but in regards to what fits Metallica, Cliff and Jason were definately better suited for Metallica.

    I am also one of those Metallica fans who digs their earlier albums..

    Kill'em all, Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets, and justice for all and I also like the Black album.

    The other ones are so-so. They all have good songs, but are not on the same level of overall quality as their old stuff.

    I liked Robert Trujillo in Suicidal Tendencies though :)
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    I know what you mean dude...it's totally like when Spock and Scotty cut their hair short. The series just sucked after that.

    brad cook
  7. Few people know this, but Mr.Spock was a respectable upright player, and Nurse Chapel an accomplished Jazz guitarist. They kept trying to form a group with Mr.Sulu on vibes, and Mr.Checkov on drums, but Captain Kirk put the stomp on that idea because he was afraid someone would be soloing when the Klingons attacked. :rollno:

    Spock also left his favorite bow on Rigel 5 and never got over it. :bag:

    Mike :D
  8. Don't forget constantly having to shove dilithium crystals up the nose of some Starfleet A&R guy just to get gigs in front of every crummy new life and new civilization. After a 5 year tour of that, the chitlin' circuit on Beta Antares didn't look half bad at all.

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    Its official you can now " Sell Out" in space and in the future no less. :p

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    " I will Drum you the way you Drumed us , Buried Alive " :ninja: :D
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    Full disclosure, I'm a certified Fender technician working in a music store that carries Fender, Yamaha, and Ibanez products among others.
    It wasn't that Metallica stopped doing what I liked about Metallica. They've always sounded like Metallica. I didn't like S&M, and I don't like St. Anger. In both cases there's something heavily distracting going on, making it difficult to focus on what I like. With S&M, it was the meandering orchestra that didn't seem to compliment Metallica at all. In St. Anger, it was the $#%^ snare drum!! Gah, the horrible, horrible, RINGING!!

    It's kind of like what would've happened if somebody decided every episode of Trek required a song-and-dance number. No matter how good the rest of each episode was, I wouldn't be able to watch any of it for fear that Uhura and Chekov would start tap-dancing.
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    As far as Metallica goes, I prefer the Load/Reload era.
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    For me it wasn't so much that Metallica changed, it was that I changed. And I suspect that may be what happened to many of their earliest fans. They moved on to other things and other interests.

    As for Star Trek, West Wing, ER, JAG or any long running series, as the script evolves, the viewers are evolving, too, so if the script can't grab new viewers even as it is losing older viewers, then it soon will be a thing of the past.
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    Mar 27, 2002
    I don't like old or new Metallica! TNG pwns the original star trek too.
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    As far as I can tell...it's all Bob Rocks fault. I guess metallica wanted to get some "hits" on the radio, so they hired a guy to help them with that. It worked, but killed the Speed/Thrash Metal tag they had and threw them into the Hard Rock category. Bob Rock played the bass on the St. Anger record. That record was recorded as a series of unrelated riffs and parts. Then it was thrown into ProTools and pieced together into complete songs. That's why they all sound so disjointed. Plus, at the time they were recording...they were all hating each other. Not a very good environment for songwriting. "And Justice For All" was the last good Metallica record (except for the lack of bass guitar!). After that, they turned into a hit machine so frat boys could head bang too. I do like a few songs off the Black record, but it's a WAY different Metallica than before