a couple of g***ars

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  1. Guitar just aint my thing, so I'm gonna part with em. Hate to bring these here, but I figure they'd be good for those trying to branch out into the wussier kind of 6-string. :)

    Harmony Strat copy with tremelo in peach. Sounds fine, just had some new elixir strings tossed on. Only downside, honestly, is a "Nike Bombers" sticker to the left side of the bridge.

    Carlo Robelli acoustic guitar. The action is a bit higher than other guitars, but I'm not an expert, there's probably a way to lower it here. Comes with 2 sets of strings (with only one low E string. Don't ask me why, I got em from my guitarist buddies who go through strings like it aint nothin)

    <Pedal sold>

    Make an offer on these. Dont worry about lowballing me, any reasonable offer will probably be accepted. I'm open to trades for ANY kind of bass gear, by the way.