A couple Tobias Toby Pro-4 Questions

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  1. I am ready to buy my first bass, considering I dont have a ton of money and I am going to college in a year I dont think it would be wise of me to spent a load, but I would like something built well and strong. I have heard mixed reviews about the Tobias, so I cant come to a conclusive answer. It needs to be able to hold its own in gigs, playing mostly Jazz/Funk, and occasional light rock. I know that I want something that would accept upgrades, because I dont want to have to buy another bass for at least a couple years. Is the Tobias up to this?

    P.S. Sorry to post such a low down post as my first. :bassist:
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    I had one of them, and really liked it. It is well made, comfortable to play, and sounds good. The only complaint I had was that the preamp was weak. The volume was lower than any other bass of mine, including passive basses. I replaced it with a Bartolini preamp, and it sounded really great. The only reason I sold it is that I have back problems and prefer to play lighter basses. I know I'm going to regret it someday.
  3. I have the six-string version of that bass. First the good - I think the sound of the bass is very versatile and clear, especially in the low register of the instrument. The recording engineer where I do most of my recordings really likes the bass. In fact, he makes me record with it instead of my Yamaha Trb-JP. I also really enjoy the feel of the wood under the fingers when I'm playing.

    On the down side, the pre-amp is weak. This is a comment you'll always hear about the Toby-pros Tobias Basses. If you switch basses between gigs, you have to make a two notch adjustment to your volume on the amp between one bass and the tobias. In truth however, this is not such a big deal and the sound is very satisfying.

    All in all, I do recommend the bass.
  4. I have a lefty toby pro 4 and I also like it a lot. I am not much for active eq, so I solved the weak preamp problem by just taking it out and re-wiring it passive. Replacing the pickups eventually would be the only thing I'd really want to change about it.