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A Day With Jon Shuker

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by ZenBass, May 22, 2004.

  1. Hey all..

    I have just spent an very enjoyable day with Jon Shuker as I get the specs for my new bass all sorted and ready.

    He works from a small workshop in Sheffield UK the room is maybe 30x20 but was a extenstion spray room.

    Blanks of bodys adorn one top shelf where on the roof othe spray both is filled with literally hundreds of different rare and exotic woods everything from Maple to Canoe Tree Burl is there..

    Jon is a super nice guy and was willing to show me anything..he got out lots of different woods to look at ..let me try out his different basses that he has in stock (which isnt many as most have been sold after the Frankfert Show)

    Mr Tom I saw your bass in pieces today...Jon has got everthing ready bar the body ...looks supurb!!!! :)..tho he did snap your fignerboard in half last week

    Tee hee hee... only j/k :)....

    Only have a 10w Trace Elliot combo in the workshop he took me along to the loca music store (academy of sound Sheffield) in his car to try out through various rigs..!!

    The basses I tried were a 5 String Jazz Bass and a 4 String Bolt-On....both were extremly nice..!! one iwth Bassline pickups and Jons own pre-amp and other other all EMG Jazz's

    Coming back to his workshop we set on getting the specs done for my bass

    A 5 String Bolt-on Elite

    AAAAA Flamed Maple Core
    Burl Maple Front (yellow burl looks like Amboyna but nicer)
    Burl Imbuya Back
    With Wegne laminets between each piece

    The neck will be make off

    Flamed Maple/Wegne/Flamed Maple/Wegne/Flamed Maple with the Wenge being almost Black in colour

    With a light Birdseye Maple fingerboard Medium Fretwire and Phernolic Nut..

    Toped off with Blue LED's down the side of the neck and all Black hardware

    The body is going to be carved and the Burl Maple bent over the top to give an nicely rounded shape.

    Pickups are going to be EMG TW's which are a J and CS in one encapsulation..coupled with Jon's own Elecys give a great even string response and that hi-fi sound but with a nice bottom and middle...

    All finished in one coat Poly High Gloss finish..!!!

    Amazing Bass it will be :)

    If anyone is around Sheffield go and see Jon he is always up for a chat..and he is very knowledgeable and one of the few independant builders in the UK...last year he build just 40 instruments....

    Camera failed on me unfort so no pictures of his workshop but next time i will get some :)....

    Supurb day from very nice Guy..!!!!

  2. Sounds like Mr Shuker is worth a visit! do I need my passport to get to your side of the penines? ;)

    Get some pics next time, would like to see this in progress, what sort of build time you looking at?

    Changing the subject a bit, spoke to Mr GB last week, gonna have a "Jazz" stylee (38mm wide) neck made for my GB me thinks, also thinking about changing my HD350 for a Fafner, the HD is a great amp, works well with both my GB and Overwater fretless, but I think the fretless would benefit more from the Fafner?