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a different angle of attack?

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by dlmarquez, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I've been experimenting with a different playing technique and I'd love any feedback or tips that you might have out there.
    I've been playing for years as a basic index-middle finger on the right hand bassist. no picks at all and no slapping. Although I DO pop strings occasionally.
    I have started experimenting with moving the bass higher up (Shorter strap length) and rather than drooping my right hand over the top of the bass body and picking anywhere from the heel of the neck back to the pickups, I am working on bringing my right forearm around the butt of the J bass and using more of a nylon string guitar technique, thumb and 3 fingers, mostly picking right in front of the bridge 1 or 2 inches. Getting great punchy sound from my fretless J this way and surprisingly clean. The only problem I run into is there are certain patterns of arpeggios descending from the G string where I just can't pull the string changes off unless I go back to my tried and true over the top 2 finger (OK, I am starting to use the ring finger here as well). These descending arpeggios especially get difficult from the around back position when I'm doing triplets or fast 1/8ths.

    any tips or hints?
  2. use the tech that works best for your needs. if you cant play something comfortably and presicely with one tech, and you can with another...just do what works. from a sitting position you can prob jump from your normal position to the higher position you mentioned with out much trouble. standing will need some arranging. i have 2 strap-lock ends connected to the back of my strap so i can pop one off and insert the higher one for songs that require a closer approach. i got this from watching wooten play. this only works well for changing inbetween songs though. -joe p

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