A few bass assembly questions...

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  1. 1) What type of wood glue would I use to glue the wings to the neck? I'm building a neckthrough.

    2) What grade sandpaper would I use to sand down a body? The wings I'm using are alder.
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    glue - I use Titebond, but several others have had great success with other brands

    sandpaper - I sand bodies down to 200 grit. the guy who applies finishes for me prefers a little 'grab' to the surface, and requests that I don't go any finer. Mind you the bodies are finished in either lacquer or poly and not oil. For an oil finish you'll go all the way through a fine grade of steel wool

    I also make sure to sand the glue joints with 200 grit so that there is a little roughness for the glue to adhere with. you'll also find that this makes for a significantly less visable joint vs gluing a surface right from the planer

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    man thats intense, at the shop where i work (birdsong guitars) we take ours down to 400.