A few basses not mentioned in Geddy Lee's "Big Beautiful Book of Bass"

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  1. Dave Campbell

    Dave Campbell

    Jul 13, 2006
    After realizing how obsessive Geddy became in his love of collecting basses, I'm surprised he didn't include either a Wildwood or Antigua version of the Coronado Bass (ultra rare from 1967-68, and the Wildwood is an interesting story from Fender's CBS years).
    No '72-79 mudbucker Tele Bass, though.

    I love the Gibson section in the book - some truly outstanding reverse and non-reverse Thunderbirds in his collection, most of the Gibson line is represented.
    I wonder what he'd have to say about the Ripper/G3/Grabber series.
    Also the RD Artist basses.

    I can't imagine he'll stop collecting!
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