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A few hundred pounds of Bass Gear

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by Blue, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Blue


    Jun 19, 2004
    Central NC
    I have a few hundred pounds of Bass Gear, all in very-good to Great Shape.
    The list start's here; there's more - but I can't remember it all.

    [del]Alembic DR-5 (I have two plus the blue box - which is at least one too many).[/del]

    Pictures someday or on request

    Lab Series L2 with two 1x15's (Great Sounding '70's ROCK system) $500 obo.

    More Data: http://www.talkbass.com/forum/f15/lab-series-l4-81663/

    [DEL]iAMP 600 (State of the Art rack-mounted amp, circa 2000) $500 boo [/DEL]

    Roland SIP-301 (The Ultimate 80's pre-amp) $200 obo

    [del]Ashly PB-41 (The Ultimate Solid State pre-amp) $250 obo[/del]

    Alembic F1-X (The Ultimate Tube pre-amp) $600 obo

    A Pair of Dr. Bass Cabinets (ultra light prototypes, circa 2004) $400 obo
    [DEL]One is a 12x6xT (a 1260, I think): 15x20x20 AIRHEAD (4") about 40 pounds, with 1-phone plug[/DEL]
    ADD: One is a 10x8xT (a 1080, I think): 15x16x20, about pounds, with 2-speakons and 2-phone jacks

    I'll be keeping one of these - selling the other two and Going to eBay Tomorrow Night:
    Gibson BH440 $500 obo (clearly the best of the three, and the predecessor of ...
    Thunderfunk 440 $600 obo (which was the predecessor of ...
    Thunderfunk 550b $800 obo (One of the finer Integrated Amps, highly sought)
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  3. Blue


    Jun 19, 2004
    Central NC
    Regarding the Gibson/T'Funk's, I have owned them all: AMP 440, the Groove Tube Preamp (mine sounded lifeless, perhaps it was just a lemon), a Gibson 440 assembly by Funk (he signed the back of the ones he assembled), an original Gibson 440 (which came in the Original Cab’, is in mint condition, my current "studio amp", and the one for sale), a transitional ThunderFunk 440 (when the fan’ed units first came out, Dave just poked a hole in the not-fanned chassis - and the one for sale), and a Thunderfunk 550b (the one for sale).


    The AMP is more Tubey; the Thunderfunks more Hi-Fi. The Gibson is between them and the favorite of many who have tried them all – including myself.

    The AMP was 2.5 spaces high, Gibson / ThunderFunk 2U.

    The AMP had a clipping indicator sourced from quite a few (5?) different places throughout the signal chain as not a "you've run out of watts" indicator but rather a "you've overloaded something" indicator. The Gibson/Thunderfunks have only one.

    The Thunderfunk Amps have been “improved” over the years … perhaps marginally, but still real. In addition to bumping the power & chassis size, According to Funk:

    “... increased the early preamp gain slightly to give the amp a punchier sound (The Gibson/ Early T'Funk preamp loses push before the power amp does).

    “… changed all the signal path caps polyester film and silver-mica … double-sided preamp board .. changed 5-watt power supply resistors to 10-watts … increased power supply filtering … added a copper shield to the transformer … reduces the amp's hum … black anodized the heat sink plates for better heat transfer … switched to brass screws for the power transistors … added a cap to the power switch to de-click it”.

    The fan was added because of heat generated running the amp hard in racks. The amp can take the heat, but the digital equipment next to it might not, and there has been an evolution in the DI loops.

    Funk concludes (modestly, I would suggest, certainly in terms of reliability): “The Eden, SWR, and Thunderfunk power amps are all the same basic 1980’s HiFi design, when transistor power amps were perfected. There hasn’t been much improvement made since then.”
  4. Blue


    Jun 19, 2004
    Central NC
  5. KeithPas

    KeithPas Supporting Member

    May 16, 2000
    I sent a pm several hours ago about the air head cabinet in another thread. Is this the same gear?
  6. Blue


    Jun 19, 2004
    Central NC
    Same one Ken.
  7. Blue


    Jun 19, 2004
    Central NC
    LOWER: Alembic F1-X (The Ultimate Tube pre-amp) $500 o.b.o ... 'cause I have the original Box.
  8. Blue


    Jun 19, 2004
    Central NC
    Alembic DR-5 Great Shape - you know what it's for.

    $380 Firm (+ shipping) or $400 Shipped to Con'USA [/del]

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  9. Blue


    Jun 19, 2004
    Central NC
    Can someone help me describe HOW the Gibson BH-440 differs IN SOUND from the earlier Thunderfunks?